Who are we? We are grown men who never forgot the childhood smells of hot electric motors and controllers, who dreamt of a really long straight and a Scalextric track with more than two lanes.

If you are male or female, young or old, and these thoughts take you back to halcyon days and you live in Oxford, or there abouts, then dream no more.

  • We have a four lane circuit
  • It’s very big
  • It’s made from the Spanish Ninco brand’s track – slightly wider than Scalextric
  • Each lane has its own power supply
  • We use “brakes” – three wires to the track
  • Timing to 1/100th of a second
  • We use the Slotmaster race management software
  • We race all the big 1:32 brands; Scalextric, Slot.It, Racer Sideways, Policar, SCX and NSR
  • We run our cars pretty much ‘box standard’ with minimal modifications so as to keep things simple
  • We have loan cars and loan controllers so you don’t need to bring anything other than enthusiasm

And the circuit looks like this:

We meet on the 1st, 3rd and 5th (as and when it occurs) Tuesday night of a month, 8:00pm at the Ramsden Memorial Hall, Ramsden, OX7 3AU, (located midway between Witney and Charlbury, just off theB4022). If you are interested in having a go then drop us a line, or just pop along.

Meantime, please poke around the site and imagine the fun.

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