Meeting Format

Here’s how we roll. Once the track has been set up there’s normally a period of timed free practice. You’ll get three minutes on a lane then the power is cut and it’s somebody else’s turn to play. This generally gets repeated until the latecomers have all drifted in. No names, no pack drill – they know who they are. ;o)

When it’s time for a round we run the first set class, as published in the meeting calendar and for each round a driver gets to race on each of the four lanes. When that’s happened for everyone then the results are totalled, shared and the inevitable excuses flow.

Then there’s a tea/fag break and while some have tea or a fag, or both, some will run some laps of anything they want. It’s quite literally, free practice.

Comfort breaks dealt with we’re on to the second round of the night, the second published class and we rinse and repeat.

After all that, time permitting, there may be another free practice but racers will be drifting away – same names, no pack drill ;o) – and we generally don’t stay too long. Unless we do.

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