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Wales and West GT3 and NSR Classic

6th August @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Round One – Wales and West Championship GT3 Rules

Run to the Wales and West Championship rules.

NOTE: This is not a qualifying round of the series

Round Two – NSR Classic

  • Any NSR Classic (sidewinder configuration) model is allowed
  • Magnet must be removed
  • Body and chassis must remain standard
  • White kits must be painted
  • Rear view mirrors, window wipers and aerials can be removed
  • No light weight interiors or body/chassis lightening allowed
  • Motor must be either the Shark 20k or Shark 21.9K original equipment
  • Only the standard 11t pinion is allowed
  • Any size spur gear is permitted
  • Either black or red motor mounts only
  • Motor can be glued to the mount
  • Rear tyres must be NSR super or ultra (branding must be visible on sidewall), can be glued and trued
  • Fronts may be changed to low profile, can be glued, trued and glazed as required
  • Hubs must be as supplied with the car when new
  • Tyre treatment is allowed but must be dry when placed on track
  • No suspension allowed
  • Guide can be replaced with NSR’s screw top version
  • Ballast can be added (must be inside the body and securely attached)


All screws, lead wire, eyelets, braid and spacers.

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